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Uso to Coffee to Amai Kiss

Uso to Coffee to Amai Kiss
Rating: 8.4 of 217149 person votes
Rank 2282 /20,1487
Alternative: 嘘とコーヒーと甘いキス;Coffee &Sweet-Kiss;A Lie and Coffee and Sweet-Kiss;Lies, Coffee, and A Sweet Kiss;
Artists: Sakura Ryou
Author(s): Sakura Ryou
Genres: RomanceYaoiShounen ai
Release: 2015
Status: Complete

From Fantasyshrine:

Chapters 1-3:
~ A Lie & Coffee & Sweet Kiss (Pgs. 7-37)
~ A Key & Confession: Part 1 (Pgs. 39-67)
~ A Key & Confession: Part 2 (Pgs. 70-99)
When Kano, a cafe owner, was attacked by some hoodlums dispatched by a land shark; a secretive, shady character, Otowa came to his rescue! Since then, Otowa frequented Kano's cafe and kept the yakuza at bay. Kano was unaware of the danger he's in and started to look forward to Otowa's visit... Until an equally dangerous man lured Kano out of Otowa's protection, and all hell broke loose...!

Chapter 4: Confuse Me Sweetly In Darkness (Pgs. 5-32)
This is the story between Yazaki and Yoshino. It picks up where they left off in the first story and tells how they became a couple.

Chapter 5: If I Could Feel The Hand (Pgs. 33-60)
this is a one shot about 2 coworkers mutual love affair, Isuzu & Kaidou.

Chapter 6: A Mansion of Love (Pgs. 61-84)
This is a oneshot about the love between a master and his servant, Shizuki & Aoi.

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