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Spectral Regalia Other

Spectral Regalia Other
Rating: 8.6 of 28 person votes
Rank 1035 /20,1487
Alternative: bs;
Artists: Rait Visual Works
Author(s): Zephon
Genres: SupernaturalActionSeinenAdventureFantasyMartial arts
Release: 2015
Status: Ongoing

Can you feel it?

That tugging feeling on your heart?

That falling sensation as you are forced into a deep well by the people you trusted most?

In your heart you decide to accept it, to bear it, to die with it,


even as you continue falling your decision haunts you.

A general in your prime, millions of innocents lie dead in your wake.

Feeling the end of your life pulling you in, the wall of water ever beckoning as you hit it full on.

All feeling has been lost. Finding yourself devoid of sound. Nothing visible in this darkness. No strength in your limbs. This has become your end.

But the endless has seen your life in His presence you feel the minute speck that you are, become more than what was, he gifts you with a new body with limitless potential imparted with its own endless strength. He puts you in a place where powers run rampant.

The God of all has decided this.

Your new life has the promise of excitement, adventure, love, Tragedy. Walking with purpose you pave the path for your race. Regardless of the dangers you will face you will live on for the end goal

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vol.1 ch.1 : Judgement 11 Pages 2016-08-08 10:02:00