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Sex Nanka Kyouminai

Sex Nanka Kyouminai
Rating: 7 of 138509 person votes
Rank 885 /20,1487
Alternative: セックスなんか興味ない;擁抱.性.愛;Not Interested in Things Like Sex;sex nanka kyoumi nai;
Artists: Kizuki Akira
Author(s): Satou Nanki
Genres: RomanceDramaSeinenAdult
Release: 2015
Status: Ongoing

Collection of oneshots

1. MINYAKO'S PLATE: Hiro and Minyako broke up ten days ago. After Hiro initiated the break up...Minyako tried to pursue Hiro unto being together again. But Hiro selfishly insisted unto not giving Minyako another chance to be with him again because he wanted his freedom, money, time & change back. After ten days, Hiro got back what he wanted only to realize how much he loves Minyako & how much he wanted to be "needed by someone". So, he tried to reconcile & be together with Minyako again...only to confirm later that her text message about "finding someone new" was true all along. Now that he realized all of these things, what will he do to get Minyako to love him back like she used to be?


vol.1 ch.3 : Hanna's Flower 21 Pages 2009-07-09 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.2 : Kurosawa's Umbrella 21 Pages 2009-06-17 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.1 : Minyako's plate 25 Pages 2009-06-18 00:00:00