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Mikansei Chorus

Mikansei Chorus
Rating: 7.6 of 39219 person votes
Rank 11205 /20,1487
Alternative: Incomplete Chorus;
Artists: Minami Maki
Author(s): Minami Maki
Genres: ShoujoSchool lifeOne shotmusic
Release: 2015
Status: Ongoing

Uchida is a girl who loves to sing, and because of this, she joins her school choir. Unfortunately for her, she is extremely shy and unable to sing "just" in front of others. One day, Sakamoto, pianist of the choir, ordered Uchida to run on the field as punishment for ruining the choir again. During her run, she hears the sound of the violin Kajiwara, violinist of the choir. Thought to be alone, she began to sing her true voice without knowing that... Kajiwara listened to her.

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