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Kowarekake no Omocha

Kowarekake no Omocha
Rating: 9.6 of 342951 person votes
Rank 1464 /20,1487
Alternative: 壊れかけのオモチャ;A Toy With Sadness;
Artists: Cj Michalski
Author(s): Cj Michalski
Genres: RomanceDramaComedyYaoi
Release: 2015
Status: Complete

Chapters 1-3,Ch.6.5: Extra: Shinobu left his large family to go live with Kengo as his playmate and companion to earn extra money once his father fell ill. Kengo takes advantage of Shinobu's position as his "toy", and when they are older he begins to have sex with him as well. Shinobu is afraid that Kengo will throw him away once his usefulness is over, proving that Kengo doesn't love him. Where will this relationship go as the boys go through high school?

Chapter 4: Wakana-sensei has always wanted the perfect wife, despite his bad luck with women. One night after getting drunk, he picks up Shimada and brings him home to spend a passionate night in bed. Wakana is horrified by his actions, but when Shimada follows him to school it's revealed that they've been classmates before Wakana became a teacher. Can things work out so that Wakana has the home life he's dreamed of?

Chapter 5: Mana has a huge crush on You, a local surfer and swim instructor. Mana comes to the beach every day to watch him, but is not brave enough to approach him. The perfect opportunity comes when he is knocked down by a wave, and pretends to not be able to swim so that he can have You's attention all to himself! Will Mana finally get to have his seme before the summer ends?

Chapter 6: Hostage situation, for two rival businessmen. A failed love confession in the past has had them at odds for years, but when they are suddenly taken hostage, all bets are off!

vol.1 ch.6.5 : Straying from Obedience 10 Pages 2009-01-12 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.6 : Paper-thin Loathing 43 Pages 2008-06-22 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.5 : Sun's Playboy 33 Pages 2008-09-01 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.4 : Even Beyond Dreams 29 Pages 2008-06-22 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.3 : Fobidden Toy 43 Pages 2008-06-22 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.2 : A Toy in a Box 29 Pages 2008-06-22 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.1 : A Toy with Sadness 31 Pages 2008-06-22 00:00:00