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Ga-Rei toka MHP2G toka no Hon.

Ga-Rei toka MHP2G toka no Hon.
Rating: 10 of 9 person votes
Rank 1374 /20,1487
Alternative: Ga-Rei, MHP2G. etc. book;
Artists: Apricot Plus (Circle)AOKI UME
Author(s): Apricot Plus (Circle)Aoki Ume
Genres: RomanceDoujinshi
Release: 2015
Status: Ongoing

Another Ume doujinshi. Originally sold at the third COMIC1 in April of 2009, the series she's talking about are nostalgic by now. There's more MonHun, lots of Ga-Rei, with a crossover between the two as well. Who knew that was possible? There's also an original manga that, like Sae's growling stomach story, feels surprisingly real. It also has a little bit of Vocaloid (Rin & Len) along with the usual fun and silly stuff.

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