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Eensy-Weensy Monster Manga

Eensy-Weensy Monster Manga
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Alternative: Dream Hunter Remu Alternative;ドリームハンター麗夢alternative;
Artists: Masami tsuda
Author(s): Masami tsuda
Genres: RomanceShoujoSchool lifeComedyPsychological
Release: 2015
Status: Complete

Nanoha Satsuki is your average, ordinary high school student. Okay grades, kinda cute, kinda short, Nanoha's most notable quality is that her best friends are both total overachieving babes. But when Nanoha runs into Hazuki Tokiwa, the gorgeous prince of the school, her gentle disposition disappears and she turns into a total monster! And Hazuki is more than happy to be a jerk right back at her. Thus begins our hilarious love battle.