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Devil 17 - Hokago no Kusenshi

Devil 17 - Hokago no Kusenshi
Rating: 8.8 of 44465 person votes
Rank 2333 /20,1487
Alternative: デビル17 放課後の凶戦士;Devil 17;
Artists: Saijyo Shinji[add]Fujito
Author(s): Gouya Daisuke
Genres: School lifeShounenSupernaturalActionAdultsci fiEcchiMature
Release: 2015
Status: Ongoing

In the midst of a terrorist attack that kills all his classmates,Tohru Kuroe knows the chances of seeing yet another woman die makes Tohru pick up an abandoned gun - The beast awakens; taking over. When Tohru comes to his senses, he finds he is now a killer. Finding out he was genetically engineered to be a killer, his codename is D-17, Tohru continues his 'normal' life amidst challengers threatening his life and those around him.