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Brand New School Day

Brand New School Day
Rating: 9.3 of 14796 person votes
Rank 7169 /20,1487
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Artists: Kano Yasuhiro
Author(s): Kano Yasuhiro
Genres: RomanceSchool lifeShounenComedyOne shot
Release: 2015
Status: Complete

Shinjou wants to enter high school as a new man, since he had not been very popular back in Middle School. As he's trying to edge his way into society with his new look and personality, he happens to bump into Kurai Kako, a classmate from Middle School who had been just as invisible as he was. With her new look and personality, has arrived for just the same reason he has, and she's looking forward to snagging a boyfriend for high school. They'll just have to make a bet -- who'll get a boyfriend/girlfriend first?

ch.001 23 Pages 2018-01-07 00:15:00
ch.0 23 Pages 2013-04-22 00:00:00
ch.0 v2 : [Oneshot] 23 Pages 2017-12-27 04:12:18
ch.0 : [Oneshot] 23 Pages 2013-04-28 02:11:00