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Aru Asa Okitara

Aru Asa Okitara
Rating: 10 of 54549 person votes
Rank 5204 /20,1487
Alternative: One Morning I Woke Up;
Artists: Kawada Yuuya
Author(s): Nisioisin
Genres: RomanceSchool lifeShounenOne shotGender bender
Release: 2015
Status: Complete

Oneshot from Nisioisin and Kawada Yuuya. A boy suddenly wakes up to find out he's in the body of a High School girl. Who is she and how did he switch bodies?

ch.000 30 Pages 2014-09-05 06:25:00
ch.0 30 Pages 2014-09-05 06:25:00
ch.0 v2 : [Oneshot] 30 Pages 2017-12-19 21:19:21
ch.0 : [Oneshot] 30 Pages 2014-09-05 05:10:00