Ai dano Koi dano

Ai dano Koi dano
Rating:9.4 of 282506 person votes
Rank1438 /20,1487
Alternative:愛だの恋だの;Aidano Koidano;The Which is Love;Which is Love (OOTSUKI Miu);
Artists:Ootsuki Miu
Author(s):Ootsuki Miu
Genres:RomanceDramaSlice of lifeYaoiSmut

"Sheesh... Crying over love and all.... I just don't get it"

Nonami is stuck having to comfort Hino who was dumped by his girlfriend...
Although he feels like he doesn't understand them... He's still overwhelmed by Hino's sincere feelings...
These are heartrending yet sweet, youthful graffiti...

vol.1 ch.6 : Koi to Kingyo + Senno Yoru Extra26 Pages2011-06-10 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.5 : Senno Yoru Chapter. 325 Pages2011-06-10 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.4 : Senno Yoru Chapter. 225 Pages2011-06-10 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.3 : Senno Yoru Chapter. 125 Pages2011-06-10 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.2 : The Which Is Love? Act. 231 Pages2011-06-10 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.1 : The Which Is Love? Act. 138 Pages2011-06-10 00:00:00
vol.1 ch.6.5 : Senno-yoru [Extra]5 Pages2014-04-09 09:14:00
vol.1 ch.6 : Love and Goldfish [End]21 Pages2014-04-09 09:14:00
vol.1 ch.5 : Senno-yoru [Act. 03]25 Pages2014-04-09 09:13:00
vol.1 ch.4 : Senno-yoru [Act. 02]25 Pages2014-04-09 09:13:00
vol.1 ch.3 : Senno-yoru [Act. 01]25 Pages2014-04-09 09:12:00
vol.1 ch.2 : The Which is Love? [Act. 02]31 Pages2014-04-09 09:12:00
vol.1 ch.1 : The Which is Love? [Act. 01]38 Pages2014-04-09 09:08:00