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Abe Seimei Koikatari

Abe Seimei Koikatari
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Alternative: 花灯りの約束―安倍晴明恋語り 4;華の宴―安倍清明恋語り 1;華冠の姫―安倍晴明恋語り 2;華咲みの乙女―安倍晴明恋語り 3;Flower Banquet;Hana Akari no Yakusoku;Hana no Utage (TAKADA Tami);Hanaemi no Otome;Hanakanmuri no Hime;The Flower Blossom Girl;The Flower Crown Princess;
Artists: Takada Tami
Author(s): Takada Tami
Genres: RomanceShoujoSupernaturalTragedyHistorical
Release: 2015
Status: Ongoing

In the Abe Seimei Koikatari series

V.1 - Hana no Utage

1. Feast of the Flowers
Ming became blind after an unknown illness two years ago. One night, she meets a man in her dreams who restores her sight. She falls in love with him, but how will she find him again?

2. The Girl Among the Moonlilies
A princess chases a firefly which leads her to a man. She is so surprised by him that she steps backward and accidentally falls over a cliff, losing her memory. What will happen to her?

3. Moon's Dew; Star's Tears

4. Winter's Bloom

V.2 - Hanakanmuri no Hime (The Flower Crown Princess)

1. The Golden Phoenix, the Silver Phoenix
A princess longs for a lost love and almost loses her life until a mysterious exorcist opens her heart and mind to the truth and to what has been right in front of her all along.

2. The Hime with the Flower Crown
A young princess learns with the help of a mysterious young boy that putting away childish things may ultimately lead to a fulfilling new world and to the fulfilment of her beloved father's wish.

3. Memories of a Flower
While trying to solve the mystery behind the ghostly apparition of his beloved princess, a young man learns to ease his own sadness.

V.3 - Hanaemi no Otome

1. Hanaemi no Otome
A daughter of a high status man is being cursed by Douman, a man with strong spiritual power. Abe Seimei is set to save her.

2. Kaze no Hatsune
Story of young Douman's love, and also of how he met Seimei for the first time.

3. Tsukimiya no Maihime

V.4 - Hana Akari no Yakusoku

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