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All 1576 Manga Books about [Historical] Genre
$100 is Too Cheap score: 940
Apollo's Song Manga score: 1000
  • Alternative:七人的莎士比亚;7 nin no Shakespeares;7人のシェイクスピア;7人的莎士比亚;Nananin no Shakespeares;Seven Man Shakespeares;Seven Shakespeares;Shakespeares of the Seven Men;
  • Authors/Artists: Harold Sakuishi
  • Status:Ongoing
  • Alternative:왕자님에게 키스를;왕자님에게Kiss를;A Kiss for My Prince;A Kiss for the Prince;A Kiss to My Prince;Kiss to My Prince;Nụ hôn hoàng tử;Un Baiser pour mon Prince;Un sărut prinţului meu (Romanian);
  • Authors/Artists: Kim Hee Eun
  • Status:Completed
  • Alternative:A・D -天使の嘘-;A·D天使的谎言;A*D - Angel\'s lie;A*D Angel\'s Doubt: Fabrication of Human Relations;AD天使之谎;Angel\'s Doubt;Angel\'s Lie;Angels Doubt;
  • Authors/Artists: Aki
  • Status:Ongoing
A-presto score: 1000