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All 5083 Manga Books about [Fantasy] Genre
13th Boy Manhwa score: 930
  • Alternative:20面相におねがい!!;20면상에게 부탁해;Man of Many Faces;The Thief with 20 Faces;Le Voleur aux Cents Visages (french);Tjuven med 20 ansikten (swedish);
  • Authors/Artists: ClampOhkawa Ageha
  • Status:Ongoing
3 Hearts score: 850
  • Alternative:蓝色的除魔师;เอ็กซอร์ซิสต์พันธุ์ปิศาจ;青の祓魔師;青のエクソシスト;청의엑소시스트;Ao no Futsumashi;Ao no Futsumashi (Exorcist);Blue Exorcist;Lam Hỏa Diệt Quỷ;
  • Authors/Artists: Katou Kazue
  • Status:Ongoing
12 Beast Manga score: 960
5 Cats score: 850
666 Satan score: 880
7th Garden score: 990
  • Alternative:7 Love-Related Stories;A Cold;A Flying Lesson;A Short Game about a Change Encounter;Automation;Belives Ye Your Eyes?;사랑에 관한 7가지 이야기;사랑에 관한 7가지 이야기;Leucadian;Manhwa Novella Collection v.2;Mint Flavor;Purple Eyes (Wann);Return of Princess Rouana;Sa-rang-é Gwan-han Il-gop-ga-ji I-ya-gi;
  • Authors/Artists: Wann
  • Status:Completed