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All 3305 Manga Books about [Doujinshi] Genre
Antique Bakery dj score: 960
  • Alternative:かなり人でなし;You\'re Not Even Human;First Love;Ono Wa Chuubou de Yume Wo Miru;Neko To Oji-san;The Cat And The Old Man;The Gossip\'s Picture Book;Is There Such Thing As Forever?;A Man Like The Devil;Blue Bird;He Gently Sighs;Tanabata Night;
  • Authors/Artists: Yoshinaga FumiOosawa Kaseifu Kyoukai
  • Status:Ongoing
ap+labo Other score: 0
  • Alternative:Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood dj - Master Assassin, 44-sai☆: 40 Dai kara no Moteru Gijutsu;Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood dj - Master Assassin, Age 44;マスターアサシン44歳☆ -40代からのモテる技術-;
  • Authors/Artists: D.D.Works (Circle)Hinoe
  • Status:Completed
August Monster score: 400