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DOUMAN Seiman`s Manga Books List [ ALL 36 Manga books ]
Cat Gravity score: 100
Ika Musume score: 1000
Nickelodeon score: 920
  • Alternative:ニッケルオデオン 赤;Afterlife Jaunte;Animal Magnetism Theory;Facehugger;Funny Game;Heart Food;High Heels and Sneakers;Kopi Kopi Luwak;Paracelsus\' Beloved Desciples;Poohta\'s Forest;The Collector and Phantom Pain;The Kaguya Paradigm;Vigilante;Warren Wilson Dies Again;
  • Authors/Artists: DOUMAN Seiman
  • Status:Completed
Oddman 11 score: 770
Suicide Parabellum score: 910
The Voynich Hotel score: 950
Weight Lovers score: 1000
Witches' Sabbath score: 920